How does Solar Add Value and Lower Cost?

So, you’ve been scouring the internet looking for answers on Solar Panels, am I right? You’ve found 100 different answers on 100 different things and none of them seem to mesh, right? Maybe you found this article on the internet after searching for Solar Companies in Arizona. Maybe, maybe not.

In this article we’re going to answer how Solar panels add value to your home and how it lowers your electricity cost. We’ll even show you proof.

How Does Solar Add Value my home?

We’ll get right in to it. Here’s how solar adds value to a home. Berkley National Laboratories along with U.S Department of Energy conducted a study of over 7 years showing that adding solar increases a home value by around $4,000 per kilowatt. That was a nation wide study. In Arizona, it adds roughly $3,000 per kilowatt. How do you break this down? Here’s the math. An average home in Arizona needs roughly an 8 kilowatt system. 8kw x $3,000 = $24,000. Great, right? Yes, but how much does it cost to put solar on my roof? Well, in Arizona it cost roughly $3.00 per watt which is $3,000 per kilowatt. 8kw x $3,000 = $24,000. But Axis, I’m only breaking even! Ah, but you’re not! You see, when it costs $0 out of pocket for an investment that gives you returns on your money, that’s a hard deal to find. You forgot about the Federal and State Tax incentives that come along with it. As of 2023 the State of Arizona is offering $1,000 back on your taxes to switch to solar. The Federal Government is offering and additional 30% of the total “cost” of the system back on your taxes as well. Let’s do the math. If a system cost $24,000 and you receive $1,000 from the State and 30% from the Feds you get $8,200 back! On top of that, solar typically saves an average household around $1,000 per year. So, in year 1, you’re already net ahead by $9,200. Switching to solar actually makes you money You don’t have to believe me but the math never lies. Here’s the source https://emp.lbl.gov/news/berkeley-lab-illuminates

How Does Solar Lower My Electric Cost?

So, previously we discussed a lot about adding value to your Arizona home. I’ll touch a little bit more on how solar lowers electric bills. With an average of 4% increase for inflation, electric companies like SRP, APS, TEP and others rely on people never getting solar. The fact is that those increases are just averages before the hyper inflation like we’re in right now. What they don’t tell you is that companies like SRP lost law suits to Elon Musk and Tesla for price gouging. That’s right! SRP was price gouging people who decided to get solar. You know what happened? SRP lost and was forced to put a solar electric plan for those that want solar. Think about this. Remember 1996? Gas was around $1.00 per gallon and things were inexpensive. If you had a time machine, wouldn’t you have loved to lock in those rates! Good news is you can! Right now, solar is 1996 gas prices. You will LOCK in a rate so low that in a few years, you’ll be laughing at your friends and neighbors who didn’t take advantage of solar when it was inexpensive. You’ll be paying the same amount month in and month out while your neighbors are paying summer time bills that won’t allow them to grab a happy meal from McDonald’s. Let’s do the math.

$200 x 4% = $8

Add the annual increase to the starting amount to get the new total for each year:

Year 1: $200 + $8 = $208

Year 2: $208 + $8 = $216 Year

3: $216 + $8 = $224 …and so on for 25 years.

Finally, calculate the total increase over 25 years by subtracting the starting amount from the ending amount: $259.36 – $200 = $59.36

Therefore, if you have $200 and it increases by 4% every year for 25 years, the total increase in value would be $59.36.

But Axis this doesn’t seem like much. Remember, this is EVERY month! $59.36 x 12 =$712.32

But Axis that’s still doesn’t seem like a lot. Ok, what if I were to ask you to give me $20,000 in 25 years to not go solar. Would you do it? I didn’t think so.

But Axis how else does this save me money? The cost of Solar is lower than your average bill and it never changes. If you pay an average of $250 per month and solar only cost $150 per month, you save $100 per month immediately and that payment NEVER goes up. You know what does go up? Your electric company prices who offer you no equity in your home, offer no saving and offer no tax breaks. All they do is take take take and all you do is pay. Remember, you have a choice. Get a FREE SOLAR REPORT from us here —–> https://axisradiant.com/solar-report/

Links to Arizona utility company mandatory solar programs. https://www.srpnet.com/price-plans/residential-electric/solar/customer-generation , https://www.aps.com/en/Residential/Service-Plans/Compare-Service-Plans , https://www.tep.com/rates/

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