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Installing Solar in Arizona is Easy

The Solar Installation Process in Arizona: From Site Evaluation to Activation

Learn about the solar installation process in Arizona, from site evaluation, design, permitting, and installation.

Introduction to Solar Installation in Arizona

Arizona is a prime location for solar power, thanks to its abundant sunshine and solar-friendly policies. If you’re considering going solar in Arizona, it’s good to understand the installation process. We’re going to guide you through the key steps involved, from the initial site evaluation to the final activation of your solar system.  Find out more from the State of Arizona housing website here https://housing.az.gov/installation

Site Evaluation: Assessing Your Property’s Solar Potential

The first step in the solar installation process is a site evaluation, where we will assess your property’s solar potential. This involves analyzing factors such as roof size, orientation, shading, and structural integrity. The evaluation helps determine the ideal size and positioning of your solar panels to maximize energy production.  With the introduction of satellite mapping, we can determine all of these things without having to climb on your roof or even visiting your home.  A lot of people opt for a Zoom, Google or Facebook call to make scheduling easier.

System Design: Customizing Your Solar Solution

Once your property has been assessed, we will design a customized system tailored to your energy needs and site constraints. This will include selecting the appropriate panel types, inverters, and mounting equipment. In Arizona, it’s crucial to consider factors such as high temperatures and dust storms when designing your solar system to ensure optimal performance.  Keep in mind that all panels are heat rated and can withstand the Arizona sun and winters up north.

Permitting: Navigating Arizona’s Solar Regulations

Before beginning the installation, we will obtain the necessary permits and approvals from local municipalities in Arizona. This typically involves submitting your system design from the architect and electrical plans for review.  Axis Radiant will handle this process on your behalf to ensure compliance with Arizona’s solar regulations and building codes so you have nothing to worry about except for saving money.

Installation: Bringing Your Solar System to Life

With permits in hand, installation can commence. Our team of experienced solar technicians will install your solar panels, inverters, and other components, following the approved design from the architect. The installation process usually takes 3 hours up to 2 days, depending on the size and complexity of your system. After the installation, a local utility inspector will verify that the system meets Arizona’s safety and electrical standards.

Activation: Connecting to the Grid and Enjoying Solar Savings

Once your system passes inspection, you can connect it to the grid and start generating clean, renewable energy. In Arizona, net metering policies allow you to receive credits on your utility bill for any excess solar power you produce, further increasing your savings. By going solar in Arizona, you can take advantage of the state’s abundant sunshine while contributing to a sustainable future.  Click here for a Free Solar Report

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Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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